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GOODBYE VICTORY ROAD are now out there gigging. The reaction has been great

Shot of the all new GVR line-up on stage at The Ship Inn, Gillingham.

Dan - vocals and guitar....... Viv - bass.... Andrew - drums

ship gig 1.JPG

The first song from GOODBYE VICTORY ROAD's new album has been getting a lot of independent radio play...... but we're putting the album release back until Summer, so that we can add some of the new songs that are in our live set to it.


The album will be "WE ARE THE NEW WAVE"......THE NEW WAVE's 1979 release.

Those of you that have followed GVR's previous releases will know that THE NEW WAVE were Victory Road's very own mod revival band.

Please check our gig page.

Cheers   -   The GVR

............ and if you'd like to book a high energy mod, punk, garage band, playing originals with a sprinkling of late 70's covers, then please drop us a line at........,uk


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